Saint Peter’s began with three women praying for the Lord to raise up a church that would connect with the growing Mount Pleasant and Lowcountry community. From the beginning, the heart of Saint Peter’s has been about community, connection and transformation in Christ. Though we’ve grown since those early days, we trust that, as people connect—first to Christ, then to one another—they will experience the freedom to become fully who God created them to be.


vision & values


We are a community of connection in Christ committed to transforming lives and culture across the lowcountry and beyond. 


Connecting to Christ, one another and our world. 


Growing in faith, freedom and Godly character.


Serving Christ, one another and our world empowered by the Holy Spirit. 


Giving of our time, talent and resource for our God-shaped mission.


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What to expect


In a world that can be over scheduled and isolating, our Sunday morning worship at Saint Peter's offers a space and a place to connect with others and with something beyond the next thing on your calendar. When you join us for worship, you’ll find a comfortable, informal place where you can have conversations and develop friendships; a place where you are free to be yourself; and a place that offers a conversation about God.

Each Sunday, you will hear teachings from the Bible, consider how they connect with your life, and be encouraged in those areas of your life where you could use some hope or wisdom.  Our worship draws from the rich traditions of the Christian Church across the ages and is offered in a way that is accessible to our lowcountry culture today. Saint Peter’s is a community made up of all ages doing life together.

We hope you’ll join us this Sunday at 9:15 & 11 a.m.



what we believe


Although Saint Peter’s is a young church, we embrace a faith that is historic. We understand basic Christian theology to be sufficiently summarized by the ecumenical councils of the early Church. These councils produced Creeds, including the Apostles and the Nicene, that the Church has embraced as the standard for orthodoxy for over 1500 years. Beyond that, Saint Peter’s is an Anglican Church. Anglicanism has its roots in the English Reformation, which was a movement that returned the church to a foundation of the Scriptures and the good news that sinners could be justified by grace through faith in Christ. Anglican theology is clearly laid out in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion. Anglicans are the third largest group of Christians on the planet and our distinct culture can be understood in the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral.


Our Staff

TJ Johnston, Lead Pastor

TJ Johnston, Lead Pastor

Ashley DeMooney, Executive Pastor

Ashley DeMooney, Executive Pastor

Martin Chalk, Worship Pastor

Martin Chalk, Worship Pastor

Abby Price, Ministry Coordinator

Abby Price, Ministry Coordinator

Lara Barnett, Children’s Ministry Director

Lara Barnett, Children’s Ministry Director

Turner Merritt, Student Ministry Leader &  Coordinator of Missions

Turner Merritt, Student Ministry Leader &

Coordinator of Missions

Amy McCarthy, Office Administrator & Communications Director

Amy McCarthy, Office Administrator & Communications Director


We the leadership of Saint Peter's Church, strive to be Christ like in our character, conduct, and conversation.

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board of stewards

Our Board of Stewards for 2018-2019 consists of a group of nine individuals who are highly dedicated to the mission and vision of Saint Peter’s Church. The Stewards seek to uphold our values. They oversee all that we are and pray to be.