The Saint Peter’s Church App

Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How do I download from my mobile device?

A. Just go to your mobile device’s App Store and select “Saint Peter’s Church”.



Q. Why does the app look different on Androids and iPhones?

A. Each platform designs and contols the visual presentation you see on their devices. As with all apps, your visual experience will depend on your specific device.



Q. How can I access the eNews in the app?

A. Select the “Connect” icon and, from there, select “eNews”.  This will open to current and archived eNews publications. The most recent are listed at the top of the list, just under the eNews sign up form.

Q. When will the weekly eNews be made available?

A. The eNews will be available on the app on Thursday afternoons, just after it is set out via email.


Teachings & Readings

Q. How can I access teachings?

A. Just select the “Teachings” icon and select the series you’d like to access. From there, you can select individual teachings, both current and archived. The most recent are listed at the top of the list.

Q. When will teachings be made available?

A. Teachings should be available for listening, downloading or forwarding immediately following each worship service.

Q. If I am interrupted while listening to a teaching, how can I quickly navigate back to where I was?

A. Simply click on the image in the top-right corner of the app, to quickly return to where you left off.

Q. Where can I find the Readings for each week?

A. Weekly lectionary updates are included our “Teachings” section and can be found in the top right position in the app.



Q. How do I access the Giving feature?

A. Simply select the “Give” icon and you will be prompted to set up an account. Once completed, you will be given access directly to the Giving section, anytime you acess it using that device.

Q. How do I specify the amount I’d like to give?

A. Type in the amount and scroll to select the frequency of your gift in the bar immediately below the dollar amount.

Q. Will easyTithe still be a giving option?

A. For a limited time. We will continue to make easyTithe aailable for the next several months, as we transition to our new app Giving portal. If you are an active easyTithe user, we will be in touch to ensure that you have a successful transition.


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For comments or questions regarding needs and prayer requests, or the app Giving portal, please contact Suzanne McCord at