Saint Peter’s

Every Sunday at Saint Peter’s, we employ a huge team of volunteers to facilitate our ministries. From greeters, to Communion servers;  Children’s workers to production team, there are many ways to use your gifts and build up the Body of Christ. Explore the teams below and email a leader to join up.

Communications Team

A key component of effective ministry is sharing clear, consistent and timely information with our church family and with the community. There are many facets of Communications needed to consistently and effectively inform people about upcoming events, encourage individuals and ministries, and celebrate all that the Lord is doing in and through our church family. We need writers who are willing to write short articles for our eNews, photographers to take pictures at church and community events and Social Media savvy individuals to write and prepare posts. These are roles that can be done in your free time, according to your schedule, and can be a fun way to use your gifts here at Saint Peters. If you’re gifted in any area of Communications, please consider joining us.


Connection Team

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Greeters and Hospitality

The first point of contact for new guests on Sunday mornings is with our Connection Team. This team of people helps to ensure that people are welcomed, questions are answered, and refreshments are delicious. If you have a heart to connect with new folks and help create a welcoming environment, this team is for you.


Communion Team

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Communion Servers & Table Preparation

In the Anglican tradition, the sacrament of Communion is celebrated every Sunday. Because we have two services, Saint Peter’s will always need help with the preparation, distribution, and clean up at the Lord’s Table. We make our wafers by hand and love to employ those who are passionate about baking to lend a hand. If you are a Christian with a love for the Eucharist, this team will be a great place for you to serve the Body of Christ.


Children’s Team

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Kids’ Club and Sprout

Mount Pleasant is full of families. So it’s no surprise that Saint Peter’s reflects this as well. If you look around on a Sunday, you’ll see there are children everywhere. Because of this, we are always in need of people who love children to help us care for the families in our community. If you are a parent who is blessed by our children’s ministry, or are simply someone who loves to serve, then our Children’s Ministry is the perfect place for you to serve.


Celebration Team

Music, Sound,  Projection, and Reader Team

We strive for excellence and skill in everything we do at Saint Peter’s. This is certainly true of everything that happens on the platform during our Sunday Worship. That includes our preaching, music, reading, and production. All help create a distraction-free environment that allows people to be transformed by the Holy Spirit. If you are musical, tech savvy, or have a passion for reading God’s word, this team is a great place for you to serve at Saint Peter’s.


Youth Team


The years of middle and high school are foundational. They can be a time of insecurity and awkwardness, but they can also be a time of maturity and growth. The role of the youth ministry at Saint Peter’s is to help students navigate this important time by pointing them to Christ. We do this by building relationships through weekly gatherings, events, small groups, and local service opportunities for those in need. If you have a heart for this age range, reach out to Todd to hear about all the ways you could volunteer.