MailChimp_PrayerChristians see God as the supreme ruler of all creation. He is exalted above anything humans can think or imagine. But throughout the Scriptures, we see that God is also gracious and able to be known. He is at once transcendent, and yet imminent. The Living God is one who seeks relationship with his creation. This is most clearly seen in the incarnation, as Christ took on human flesh to rescue humankind and enable us to be adopted as sons and daughters of God. Because of this, we have the joy of engaging in relationship with God and one of the primary ways we are called to do that is through the discipline of prayer.

Across the Bible, we see glimpses of people engaging in relationship with God through prayer. This “conversation” is at times formal, and at times spontaneous. It is individual, and corporate. It encompasses thanksgiving, praise, petition, and intercession and includes the full range of human emotion.  Many of the prayers we find in Scripture, such as those of the Psalms, serve as a means for Christians to experience God’s peace in the midst of conflict, suffering and anxiety. Throughout Church history, prayer has been one of the foundational practices of the Christian faith.


Prayer and Worship

At Saint Peter’s, we place a high value on prayer and offer several regular opportunities for you to grow in your understanding and participation of this conversation with the Living God. Join us on the second Wednesday of every month for our service of “Prayer and Worship”. The focus of these gatherings is personal engagement with God. We begin with corporate worship and then transition to a time of rest, reflection, and communication with God. If you are interested in learning to engage with God in meaningful ways, or simply need some time in peace and quiet, this is a wonderful opportunity of corporate prayer.

Please let us know if you have a prayer request or need.

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