New Here?

SP Blog Photos_0016_Screenshot 2014-04-29 09.03.08Welcome to Saint Peter’s Church

Whether you’re exploring Christianity for the first time or have deep roots in the faith, our hope is that you find a place to connect. In a world that can be transient and isolated, we seek to be an authentic community. A place where you can have conversations, share meals, and develop true friendships–a  place where you are free to be yourself without fear of rejection or shame. But we aren’t simply a community center or social club — we are a community grounded in Jesus Christ.

Saint Peter’s is a place where you can connect to Christ and learn what it means to follow him. And as you do so, we’re confident that transformation will take place. And with that personal change comes change in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our community.  This, to us, is the work of grace. Connect. Grow. Serve. Give. That’s what Saint Peter’s is about.

Join us for Sunday Worship at 10 am or explore the Next Steps to connecting with us.