While Sundays are a great first step in the process of connection, they simply aren’t enough for us to see true transformation. We need other opportunities to build relationships with people who are learning to follow Christ. Because we are all in different places in our journey, Saint Peter’s offers several types of groups to help you connect and grow. If you have a question or are interested in joining or starting a Group, contact Suzanne McCord. Click on the group type below, to view our current groups.

Connect Groups

Connect Groups offer a place to begin building community and developing relationships at Saint Peter’s. These are inclusive mid-size groups that meet in different neighborhoods and offer a nurturing environment for you to get to know others as you pursue Christ together. Connect Groups are a natural place for sharing our lives through conversation, food, and service activities that connect with our community. Look at the directory above to find a Group and contact the leader for more information.

Study Groups

Study Groups meet throughout the Lowcountry to study Scripture, theology and Christian spirituality together. These groups help people build lasting relationships through learning with like-minded individuals. Look at the directory above to find a Study group.

Compass Groups

Compass Groups are small discipleship groups. They are the primary way that we encourage personal growth in faith, freedom and godly character. They consist of weekly or bi-weekly meetings of three to five people to focus on Bible study, prayer, and honest relationship.

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