What Happens at Alpha?

Good Food

Each week, Alpha starts with a great Lowcountry meal and relaxed conversation.

Alpha Talk

Following the meal, is a short talk exploring various aspects of the Christian faith.


In small groups, guests can ask any question and discuss opinions freely with others.

What People Have to Say

“Alpha was a place that opened up conversation with my husband about things we had never discussed. We both knew that we believed in Jesus, but never talked much about it. The discussion we had at Alpha marked the beginning of an amazing journey of change. We began to pray out loud together and surrender to God’s will. We are forever grateful for the seeds that Alpha planted in our marriage.”

-Emily P.

“Even as a leader in our church, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved attending Alpha. Regardless of where a person stands spiritually, I recommend going through the course. If you’re a seeker or a skeptic, it’s a safe place to have compelling dialogue and explore your questions about God and the meaning of life. If you’ve been a Christian for a long time, we are never too mature to be reminded of the Gospel and dig deeper into our beliefs and questions. If you’re on the fence about trying Alpha for the first time, my advice is: do it!”

-Dana N.

Alpha Informational Videos

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